Agile Methodology and DevOps

Agile methodology -


* What is Agile Methodology?
* Agile Vs Waterfall Method


* Agile Testing Methodology
* Why to use Agile Framework
* What is Scrum master ?
* Scrum Master Skills
* Characteristic of the Good Scrum master
* Scrum Practices
* Scrum Master Career Progression
* eXtreme Programming (XP)
* Phases of eXtreme programming:
* Crystal Methodologies
* Dynamic Software Development Method (DSDM)
* Feature Driven Development (FDD)
* Lean Software Development
* Kanban
* Scrum Vs Kanban
* The Agile Testing Quadrants
* Automation in Agile Process
* Role of Tester in Scrum
* Testing Activities in Scrum
* Limitations of Agile Model


* What is DevOps?
* Why is DevOps is Needed?
* How is DevOps different from traditional IT
* Why is DevOps used?
* When to adopt DevOps?
* When not to adopt DevOps?
* DevOps Lifecycle
* DevOps Work Flow
* How is DevOps different from Agile? DevOps Vs Agile
* DevOps Principles
* Who is a DevOps Engineer?
* Roles, Responsibilities, and Skills of a DevOps Engineer
* How much does DevOps engineer make?
* What is the future of DevOps?

Agile Methodology