Kishan Raju .S

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I completed my training in software testing from Qspiders Mysore. Since I was from an Electronics background, I had very limited/ no knowledge on coding aspects. I was trained really well in this aspect from our trainers at Mysore branch. They not only gave the hard coded knowledge, but also explained the concepts with real time examples by correlating the concepts to daily life activities. This was a major inputs to me as I had no prior knowledge. Special thanks to Mahesh Sir for explaining java with a lot of interest and innovative ideas. The knowledge that we gain in Qspiders is half the knowledge, remaining half is completely dependant on ourselves as to how we go back home and apply the learned concepts and gain knowledge as per our understanding. I would also thank Arun Sir and Naveen Sir for being with me always in support of manual testing concepts, I would sincerely request all of my fellow friends to have patience and confidence in Qspiders and its HR team, they will never let you down and always wish the best for you. Never ever forget to take mock interviews. Good day.