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Hai, Like many of you who are reading this, even I had to go through a phase of life that was after finishing your studies what to do? Where to work? Which field to Choose? Which domain to work for? And other questions. If these are the set of questions in your mind, then you are at the right place and you are probably looking at the answer right now QSPIDER (Truthfully and frankly the training institute that I have come across) Let me introduce myself. I am a BE graduate, currently working for “TAVANT”Technologies and my name is Niranjan JP. First and foremost I would like to thank the entire team of QSPIDER for their effort. Trust me they do so much only with an intention of helping the students. If you ask me only sheer practice, hard work, attending classes regularly , presentation, getting your doubts clarified and attending mock interviews are the only shortcuts available for success else you are nothing but another fish in the pond. Please have “patience”, this is one of the key and major factors for success. Consult the right people and get all of your queries resolved. Never lose faith and listen to whatever Girish sir advices you because he is the best in this field and very very much experienced professional. For all the students looking at this . You all are 21 major people and you can take your decisions. So it’s up to you start working hard and make it big and reach your goals or just look at it and walk away. “ The ball is in your court, it’s your call now.