Classic Selenium-Software Testing Course

Manual Testing:

  • Why Software Testing? Necessity?
  • What Is Software Testing.
  • Pros & Cons of Manual Testing.
  • Introduction & Implementation of SDLC  & Traditional Models :Waterfall,Spiral,V&V,Prototype on Real time projects.
  • Introduction to alternate approach SDLC :Hybrid ,Customized ,Agile Model.
  • Software Testing Revisited: Types of Software Testing & Usage in Corporate.
  • White Box Testing: General meaning, who,when,why,how to perform.
  • Types of White Box Testing.
  • Tools Used In White Box Testing.
  • General Difference between WBT & BBT.
  • Introduction to Black Box Testing.
  • Types of black box testing.
  • Functional Testing: What,why,when,how to perform on real time projects with sample project Explained.
  • Integration Testing: What , why, when, how to perform on real time projects with sample project Explained.
  • Introduction to Stubs & Drivers.
  • E2E Testing/System Testing: What,why,when,how to perform on real time projects with sample project Explained.
  • Exposure to Different setups: Development environment, Testing Environment, Production Environment, Staging Process on various projects.
  • Testing web Application: Implementation, Work allocation process.
  • Standalone application: Implementation, Work allocation process.
  • Build Process ,Test Cycle ,Re-Spin concepts
  • Acceptance Testing/UAT Testing: Different approaches followed in industries, What, why, when, how to perform on real time projects with sample project Explained.
  • Smoke Testing/Sanity Testing/Dry Run Testing: How to perform.
  • Globalization Testing: I18N Testing, L10N Testing.
  • Hot-fix, Patch, Short Term release, Test Efficiency.
  • Build Wise/Release Wise Explanation on projects.
  • Test Case, Test Plan, Traceability Matrix: Preparation & Implementation on Generic Template.
  • Regression Testing: Implementation, Where to begin?, Why to move to automation.
  • Defect Tracking & Defect Tracking Tool: Defect life cycle, Defect Clustering, How to work on Defect tracking tool.
  • Introduction to Defect tracking Tool.
  • Interview Questions, Patterns, Tips & Tricks to attend & Clear Interviews.

Core Java:

Basics of Programming:

  • Java Components – jvm, jre and jdk
  • Data Types and Variables.
  • Methods
  • Basic Programming
    1. Decision Statements
    2. Looping Statements

 OOPS in Java:

  • Members Of Class
  • Class and Object
  • Constructors
  • Has-A and Is-A Relationship
  • Constructor Chaining
  • this and super statement
  • Overloading and Overriding
  • Abstract class and Interface
  • Type Casting
  • Abstraction
  • Polymorphism
  • Generalization and Specialization
  • Access specifiers
  • Encapsulation

Java Library:

  • Object Class
  • String Class
  • Wrapper Class
  • Java Bean Class
  • System Class and its members
  • Scanner class
  • Singleton Design pattern
  • Arrays and problems on arrays
  • Collection Frameworks
  • Exception Handling

File Programming

Selenium Tool

Introduction to Automation

  • What is Automation
  • Advantages & Disadvantage of Automation
  • When do we go for Automation

Introduction to Selenium

  • What is Selenium?
  • Languages & Platform  supported by Selenium

Basic Browser Handling

  • Launching Browser (Firefox,Chrome,IE,Safari…)
  • Handling Browser Navigation


  • What is locator?
  • Locator types(tagName,id,name,className,linkText,partialLinkText,css,xapth)


  • About Script Synchronization
  • Implicit wait
  • Explicit wait
  • Custom wait

Handling WebElement

  • Different ways to perform actions on elements
  • Using getters and setters for validation
  • Handling Multiple Elements

Handling Mouse events

  • Performing mouse hover action
  • Handling Drop down Menu
  • Performing Drag and Drop action

Handling ListBox

  • Selecting options using different methods
  • Handling Multi select list box
  • Sorting the content of list box
  • Searching the list box

Handling Popups

  • Introduction to types of popup
  • Techniques identify popup type
  • Handling different types of popup

Page Object Model

  • Introduction to Page Object Model
  • Handling Elements (declaration, initialization and utilization)
  • @FindBy (annotation)
  • Page Decoration using Page Factory
  • Advantages of POM


  • TestNG annotations
  • TestNG reporting
  • TestNG Assertion
  • TestNG suite
  • Parallel execution
  • Parameter

Automation FrameWork

  • What is Automation Frame Work
  • Why Frame work
  • Types of  Frame work
  • Designing Frame work
  • Implementation of Frame Work
  • Execution of Frame Work

Automation Project

  • Implementing Frame work on Web Project
  • Automation workspace management using SVN
  • Challenges faced in Automation Project and Handling it

Automation Life Cycle


  • ER Diagram
  • Constraints
  • Datatypes
  • >DQL
    • Selection and Projection
    • Different types of sql clause
    • Sql Function
    • Single Row Function
    • Multi Row Function
    • Subquery
    • Co – related Subquery
    • Group Functions
    • Joins
      1. Equi
      2. Self
      3. Non-equi
      4. Outer
  • DDL

    • Create
    • Alter
    • Rename
    • Drop
    • Truncate
  • DML

    • Insert
    • Update
    • Delete
  • DTL

    • Commit
    • Rollback
    • Savepoint
  • DCL

    • Grant
    • Revoke
  • Normalization
  • Basics PL/SQL

    Quality Center
    • ALM concepts, architecture, and components
    • Management terms, concepts, and tools
    • Requirements implementation and management
    • Risk-based testing, steps, and factors
    • Test Plan build
    • Test Sets plan and execution
    • Defect tracking concepts, features, and best practices
    • Version Control use and configuration
    • Reports build and data management
Manual Testing
Core Java
Quality Center
Agile Methodology