Soap UI


  • Web Services introducton – Concepts & Jargons made simple
  • Introduction to Groovy Scripting and contextual coverage of Groovy.
  • Introduction and in-depth coverage of SOAP UI tool(SOAP UI 5.2.1 & Ready API 1.5.0)
  • Reading of various files using Groovy Scripting in SOAP UI(Properties File & Excel file)
  • In depth coverage of Assertions concept
  • Introduction to “log” object in SOAP UI & the log4j package
  • Introduction to “Context” object in SOAP UI & its usage
  • Introduction to “Test Runner” object  in SOAP UI & its usage
  • “Properties” demystified & deep dive into Properties
  • In depth REST web service testing using Ready API 1.5.0
  • Database Access using MySql
  • Framework – Core Framework using SOAP UI 5.2.1(free version)
  • Framework – Data Driven Framework using Ready API 1.5.0(Licensed)
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