Performance Testing

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Who this course is for?

● Bored of Manual or Automation testing, then move to Performance Testing
● Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Performance Testing
● Any Software engineer who are interested in Performance Testing
● One who really wants to move out from Automation to an interesting domain of servers performance testing.

Why take this course?

● Working professionals who want to upgrade their skills from manual testing. 
● To upgrade your skills in testing
● Who are really interested in checking the performance of servers, network and other layer of application on how the load affects your performance of entire application layer
● Compare how different technologies performance is, in real time if your application is migrating from one technology to another.

What you will learn?

● At the end of this Course you will be able to understand how to put Load on Web applications. 
● You will get a clear idea on all the features available in Jmeter / Load Runner tool to evaluate its performance.
● Will gain knowledge on monitoring the application performance with the given load.
● You will get complete knowledge on the Load Runner/JMeter tool.
● You will understand the complete life cycle with 2 projects training.

Course Content


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Performance testing is crucial for the success of businesses being an important phase in the testing life cycle. It helps one know the behaviours of applications under load conditions. Performance should not lie in "the eye of the beholder" or in other words, an application should be perceived objectively by all its end users.